Reach people who have visited your site or who have already dealt with your business.


The user who visit your site leaves a trace.

Remarketing allows you to find these users who have already been on your website but did not make a purchase or contact you.  This is an effective way to remind customers of your offers and keeps your business in front of them.

Personalised advertising helps to increase sales. The displayed ads often motivate customers who  for some reason did not make the first purchase, to return to the store. Retargeting activities also apply to customers who have already converted. Ads created for this group of people may include products related to their previously purchased item. Such actions result in building a long-term relationship with your client. In addition, the number of ads for a given store, which are viewed by the recipient, can have a significant impact on many purchasing decisions. Retargeting is conducive to building a positive image of the business in the minds of customers. It is effective and brings relatively quick and satisfactory results.

Let us attract even more valuable customers interested in your offers by using re-targeting. If they were already on your site and are interested in your offer, give us a chance, to get them for you at a low cost.