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Social Media Advertising

Use advanced advertising on social media using the rapidly growing Facebook network.

Facebook has one very important feature that determines its effectiveness in marketing.

Facebook has one very important feature that determines its effectiveness in marketing. It has 100% user recognition forced by logging in to the platform. Thanks to this, regardless of the devices used, Facebook always clearly knows who is interested in what, what pages or posts they like and where they are. In conjunction with the data users provide voluntarily when setting up an account, Facebook allows you to use truly flexible ad targeting.

We use  advanced social media advertising, with the ability to target your customers based on their behavior, preferences, demographics and geolocation which allows you to communicate with the right people at the right time. Advertising on social media is definitely more direct, personal and engaging, which allows you to build  customer trust from the first contact.

Effective advertising on Facebook, like on other social networks, is not free. A good campaign requires the development of an appropriate strategy, optimization and commitment. In contrast to other forms of paid promotion, allocating a portion of your advertising  budget to Facebook can produce real and traceable results. Properly conducted promotion allows you to increase the conversion rate, and thus expand the group of potential recipients of your brand.

Advantages of advertising in social media:

Large reach

Only one in five people do not use social media and their number is constantly decreasing. This communication channel can be used to reach the majority of potential customers.

Precise targeting

Advertising on social media has the most precise possibilities in choosing the characteristics of users to whom we want to reach.

High conversion

Effective use of advertising opportunities in social media allows you to implement one of the most effective online marketing campaigns.

Low cost

The cost of marketing messages reaching a potential customer on social media is one of the lowest.

Available to everyone

The lack of this barrier allows the use of this tool by any business regardless of its size and budget.

Targeting similar users

Social media are one of the few that provide mechanisms to reach users similar to those who are already our clients or have a certain set of features.